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This is our wish list, the countries we’d like to visit.
Our journey will never be finished as we don’t prepare our visits long before arriving.
So maybe we’ll miss a country, maybe we’ll stay a couple of weeks longer…
That’s adventure…


Sri Lanka

Sept. – Oct. 2018

Under India lies a small island, also called the Tear of India: Sri Lanka! Almost no other island can equal the versatility of Sri Lanka. Here you will find varied landscapes, dense rainforests and mountains, incredible sandy beaches and beautiful waves for surfing! In the highlands of this small island there are also beautiful hiking trails that we should not miss.


Northern Thailand

Oct. – Nov. 2018

Cultural treasures and exotic natural landscapes, delicious Asian delights for gourmets and fascinating underwater worlds, impressive temples and palaces and a feeling of inner well-being, the perfect setting for an incredible holiday. In the “Land of Smiles” holiday dreams are brought to the here and now.


Myanmar (Burma)

Nov. – Dec. 2018

It was not until 2012 that the government opened the borders for tourists, making it possible to travel to Myanmar. These run across the pristine beaches on the coast at Thandwe, the wild forests of Kalaw and of course the deep blue and ancient farms in the unique Inle Lake. There are countless religious attractions in the middle of the whole country. The golden glow of ancient pagodas radiates from the forest, along the mountains and over the steppes.


South Thailand

Dec. 2018 – Jan. 2019

Palm-fringed beaches blessed with white powdered sugar sand, surrounded by the gentle waves of the Andaman Sea – whether holiday resorts from the catalog or small hidden islands with Robinson Crusoe flair – here every tourist is guaranteed to find his own personal version of the tropical paradise!



Jan. – Febr. 2019

Malaysia is really a secret in Asia! Although many like to make a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, but they do not see more than the city.
Malaysia has so many interesting places; lush green tea plantations in the highlands, fabulous islands with secluded resorts, stunning colonial buildings and the colorful mix of different cultures of the Malays, Indians and Chinese – the variety of adventures and activities is huge in Malaysia!



Febr. 2019

The glamorous metropolis impresses with its bombastic architecture and fabulous shopping temples, but also with Asian flair, beautiful nature, legendary food and evidence of ancient religion and tradition.



Feb. – Mar. 2019

This small Buddhist country has no access to the sea and perhaps just because of this preserves its role as an insider tip to this day. In this land of silence and serenity, you will find the most beautiful city of Southeast Asia and UNESCO World Heritage – the ancient royal city of Luang Prabang on the Mekong with its many active monasteries in beautiful surroundings.



Mar. – Apr. 2019

Cambodia is still a real adventure destination, as in most places you rarely meet other travelers, except, of course, the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat, but again you can find yourself in an abandoned temple if you avoid the more popular temples. In addition, Cambodia has a lot to offer: mountains, the Mekong, the longest river in the world, alluvial land, deserted islands and beautiful beaches.



Apr. – May. 2019

The Republic of Vietnam is known for its rich cultural heritage and great nature experiences. One of many reasons why Vietnam travel has never been so popular as it is today. In the land of “Uncle Ho” you will find treasures of various dynasties and a rich French colonial heritage on your journey. The long stretch of land is made for traveling on different routes from north to south.


Hong Kong

May 2019

Hong Kong is characterized by a 5000-year-old Chinese tradition that has been interwoven with the influences of the 150-year British colonial era. The metropolis Hong Kong is a place of strong contrasts – supermodern technology and Chinese tradition, big city life and secluded villages, international culture and lonely mountains are united here in the smallest of spaces.



May – June 2019

Taiwan surprises and delights its visitors with its richly wooded mountains, sleepy countryside and sunny beaches. Temples and memorials from Chinese as well as Japanese legacy alternate with skyscrapers in the cities. The establishment of a number of national parks on the island, which balance conservation, recreation and scientific research, has an important place in Taiwan.



Jun. 2019

Due to its exposed location on the outskirts of Asia, the Philippines are still an insider tip. The cultural and natural wealth of the 7000 islands of the archipelago seems limitless. Powerful rice terraces, active volcanoes, tropical rainforests, subterranean rivers, spectacular caves and coral-lined picture book islands coupled with great hospitality make every trip a memorable experience.



Jul. 2019

Borneo Malaysia – exotic, adventurous, untouched! On Borneo the adventure awaits you in the deepest jungle! The third largest island in the world consists of two parts: Sarawak in the south and Sabah in the north. In between lies the independent state of Brunei. While Sabah is a paradise for diving and snorkelling with paradisiacal beaches, Sarawak will simply take you away with its jungle adventures and unique wildlife!



Aug. 2019

Indonesia is a huge country with an incredible number of small islands. “Our land and water,” is what the Indonesians call their homeland, the largest island nation in the world. The republic extends from the coral gardens of the Moluccas to the snow-capped peaks of Papua, from the tropical forests just underneath wild Borneo, to the savannas of Timor, and from the rice terraces of Bali to the coffee plantations of North Sumatra.

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