The paperwork

08 December '17

Finally, the procedure for applying for our visas has begun. A quick visit to the photographer and the municipal population service and for a small 200 euro for the five of us, we had our visas. With this document we can book our first flight to Colombo in Sri Lanka for the month of September 2018. The prices are still interesting, so the earlier we book, the cheaper the airline tickets.

JESHOOTScom / Pixabay

Next thing to do is to draw up a list of countries where we need a visa, how to obtain it and to gain information about other admission requirements per country. For example, in some countries you need to submit a return ticket or a ticket to the next country (proof on forward travel – more on this in a future post).

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8 December 2017, 9 months before our departure, the tickets are booked. Brussels – Colombo with a 2-hour stopover in Kiev. After searching on different sites (Google Flights and Skyscanner) for the cheapest one-way fares, we finally opted for Ukraine International Airlines ( We doubted for a moment to go with a Ukrainian airline, with the disaster of flight MH17 in mind. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine in June 2014, resulting in 298 deaths. But since we will take several international and domestic flights next year, we cannot let us frighten by doom scenarios. We could stay at home, to be ran over by a bike ;-).

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