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Les vacances d’été et les quelques jours de congé pris à gauche à droite nous permettent de lever progressivement le pied et de nous projeter advantage dans l’avenir. Mais avant le grand départ, tout doit être mis en boîtes.

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2 more months

In 75 days it is time to leave and we can start our adventure. A few months ago it was still that far away and counting seemed to be a joke, but now it becomes very concrete.

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6 months to go

March is upon us. It feels like King Winter is back in town with freezing temperatures. Between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius at night, fortunately the days are clear. We probably underestimated this period before our departure.

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An important step, as unpleasant as it is essential if you decide to travel and especially with children, is the vaccination.
At the Erasmus Travel Clinic in Anderlecht, Bert makes his first appointment as a guinea pig … The doctor will take a look at our itinerary and will explain which vaccine is important in which regions.

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The paperwork

Finally, the procedure for applying for our visas has begun. A quick visit to the photographer and the municipal population service and for a small 200 euro for the five of us, we had our visas. With this document we can book our first flight to Colombo in Sri Lanka for the month of September 2018.

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