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She is Stéphanie, french speaking, 40 years old. A journalist by training, she is eager for discoveries and loves social contacts. If she has to put her dreams of travelling away for a few years, she can’t hide what her passion is about … it is with her family that she chose to share this new adventure. She shares her husband’s passion: photography and has given herself the challenge of introducing her two elders to the story behind the image and especially to the capture of that one magical moment.


He is Bert, 41, Dutch-speaking. Trained as a photographer, he is mostly self-taught. Passionate about projects of all kinds he is as rigor as one can be, mister planning, geek of the trip. Nothing escapes him in the field of new technologies. In addition to being the ‘ideal’ man, he is also a great dad, attentive to the education of his children and always ready to introduce his three boys to the surprises of life.


Simon is the eldest of the siblings. As a 10 years old boy he watches over his two brothers with love. Sensitive as he is, he has a heart as big as the world. He dreams of jumping from tree to tree at the top of the world and swimming among the fish of the oceans. This adventure he would do for nothing in the world without his brothers.


Robin will blow his 8 birthday candles a few days before our departure. Mature and perfectionist, he sees himself as an inventor when he grows up. Inexhaustible and curious, he feels ready for the adventure with a slight pinch in the heart leaving his friends behind, who will certainly miss him. His dream to see big monkeys and caring for the baby elephants.


Emile is the junior, three years old at the time of departure. Pushed up by his older brothers, he prefers the option of trying everything alone “Emile will do, Emile will do”. Sociable as he is, he has the ability to quickly adapt to change. Always smiling and enthusiastic he could probably open some extra doors on this journey.

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