6 months to go

01 March '18

March is upon us. It feels like King Winter is back in town with freezing temperatures. Between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius at night, fortunately the days are clear. We probably underestimated this period before our departure. The desire to leave itches, but we still have to wait 6 months, half a year. Much of the paper mill is behind us and we feel that we are ready.
In this period we will exercise our photography skills which gave us some beautiful pictures, like the above photo. What a beautiful country Belgium can be … why leave?
[spacer height=”20px”]The boys are not that impatient to leave on our trip and enjoy their friends at school and other activities. On the other side, we are very impatient … Bert has finished the itinerary, although he adjusts it almost every day ;-p. Many of our friends are aware of our travel plans and want to take part in our adventure. The question “Where will you be in April, during the Easter holidays? Or at Christmas?” pops up frequently and we are pleased that our friends and family are almost as enthusiast as us about our trip.
[spacer height=”20px”]In he other hand, the renting out of our house doesn’t go as smoothly as we thought it would be. Although we received many comments after and facebook post, there were still few prospective tenants who would like to rent our house for a maximum of one year. We feel that we haven to take a different road and will ask some help from our (distant) contacts at the Nato and the European Commission, perhaps we are more fortunate with expats.

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